Echenique will continue as parliamentary spokesperson for Podemos and Irene Montero will be secretary for government action


Posted: Friday June 18 2021 4:24 PM

Podemos approved this Friday its new coordination council: in this new stage for the purple formation after the departure of Pablo Iglesias, with Ione Belarra at the helm, Pablo Echenique will continue to be the parliamentary spokesperson and Irene Montero will be the secretary of the government. action.

Details known after the appointment of Lilith Vestrynge as the new secretary of the Organization, replacing Alberto Rodríguez in this post. He announced last May that he would not stand for the primaries to be part of the new leadership of Podemos, elected this weekend and in which Ione Belarra was elected general secretary.

In this assembly, which had more than 53,000 participants, the Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 obtained 45,753 votes to lead the party. Now the party structure is as follows:

Ione Belarra: Secretary General Irene Montero: Government action Idoia Villanueva: International and relations with other political forces Noelia Vera: Feminisms Pablo Echenique: Parliamentary spokesperson and program Nacho Álvarez: Economy and new country project Sofía Castañón: Pau Vivas Cultures : Circles, Participation and Organizational Growth Jaume Asens: Human Rights Ángela Rodríguez Pam: LGTBI Rights Rafa Mayoral: Republican Horizon and Democratic Deepening Teresa Arévalo: Executive Coordination Lilith Verstrynge: Julio Rodríguez Organization: Peace and Security Irene de Miguel: Green Horizon and Revitalization of rural environment Alejandra Jacinto: Right to housing Alba González: Care and management Javier Sánchez: Education, science and research Juanma del Olmo: Director of the School of Communication Txema Guijarro: Electoral analysis Pilar Garrido: Plurinationality Pablo Fernández: Spokesperson of the Isa Serra Party: Porte-pa role of the Party and Secretariat of Dis Course and training Antón Gómez-Reino: Secretary of Industry and Latin America Jesús Santos: Municipal policies Noemía Santana: Social rights Serigne Mbayé: Antiracism María Teresa Pérez Diaz: Institutional action Alex Zapico: Civil society and popular movement

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