Ecoembes launches TheCircularCampus, the new training space for companies on the circular economy

Ecoembes launches TheCircularCampus, the new training space for companies on the circular economy

Ecoembes, the non-profit environmental organization that coordinates packaging recycling in Spain, has launched TheCircularCampus, an online space for the companies that make up the organization to learn about circular economy issues. Currently, more than 12,000 companies from different sectors – including food, distribution or personal care – are part of Ecoembes which are putting packaging in the Spanish market and taking more and more measures to include the economy. circular in their business strategies.

Thus, the new campus aims to provide companies with information, knowledge and resources related to the circular economy, as well as a space allowing them to share their best practices and help them orient themselves towards this new model, through the durability and circularity of their packaging.

Over the past two decades, Ecoembes has supported companies in their journey towards a circular economy “by providing them with the necessary training so that they can fulfill their legal responsibility to prevent and reduce the environmental impact of their packaging or by training its employees. in terms of recycling “, says Begoa de Benito, Director of External Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility at Ecoembes.” We have worked with companies to ensure that their packaging is made with less raw material or that ‘they are more easily recyclable to promote its circularity. With TheCircularCampus, we are taking a further step in our commitment to move towards the circular economy, which we started in 2017 with the creation of TheCircularLab, the first innovation center in this sector. field in Europe. The new training space will promote knowledge, innovation and innovation. on and networking between companies so that they are even more prepared to embrace the circular economy and meet the global challenge we are facing ”.

Information, training and participation, the areas of TheCircularCampus

TheCircularCampus includes three areas: information, training and participation. First, in the field of information, companies openly receive news, trends and developments on the circular economy from their own sources and from third-party sources: reference blogs, industry professionals, magazines and other publications. .

The training space includes both a training offer developed in collaboration with prestigious institutions, such as the UNIR-International University of La Rioja or the San Telmo business school, focused on managerial profiles, as well as a catalog of its own online courses on the eco-design of packaging, eco-labeling or diagnosis of the environmental impact of products, among others, specifically intended for technical profiles within companies. LeCircularCampus will soon set up other training actions according to different modalities (masterclasses, case studies, webinars, training pills, workshops or face-to-face sessions) where subjects related to regulation and legislation, marketing and communication or topics such as recycling or eco-design will be addressed.

In this training space, users have at their disposal resources – such as publications, guides, infographics, videos or decologists – produced by Ecoembes or in collaboration with reference organizations such as the Public Environmental Management Company of the Basque Government ( IHOBE) or the ESCI-UPF UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change Similarly, it brings together all the services that Ecoembes makes available to companies to facilitate continuous improvement in terms of packaging circularity, including tools to assess their sustainability or methodologies to analyze the evolution and efficiency of packaging systems. It also includes initiatives so that companies can mobilize society on the path of a circular economy and respect for the sustainable development objectives defined in the 2030 Agenda.

And finally, in the field of participation, companies can share and make visible their good practices in this field.

Thus, with TheCircularCampus, Ecoembes offers companies a space to promote innovation and knowledge in order to evolve towards the circular economy.

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