Edenred launches Ticket Restaurant Zero, the first 100% virtual card in Spain

Edenred, the leading platform for payment services for businesses and creator of Ticket Restaurant, has launched the first 100% virtual card in Spain, which does not require any support or physical management. Ticket Restaurant Zero is a new payment solution that will be activated and used exclusively via mobile phones, and will provide a particularly secure method in addition to avoiding contact with other objects and people. This initiative will result in savings of more than 60,000 kilograms per year in plastic and paper and a significant reduction in costs for companies in terms of logistics for the distribution of cards or checkbooks and of losses and replacements.

With this action, Edenred is strengthening its leadership in providing payment services to businesses. The company that introduced Ticket Restaurant in Spain and was a pioneer in the introduction of payment by mobile phone, is today the first to offer a payment solution in our country that dispenses with any support or management in the environment. physical.

35% of Ticket Restaurant users already carry out mobile transactions, a much higher percentage than that recorded by banks in our country. This entirely virtual solution is a response to what our increasingly digital users ask for on a daily basis, explains Manuel Asla, Director of Communications and Marketing at Edenred Espaa.

The launch of this virtual solution is part of Edenred’s Ticket Restaurant Zero initiative, which aims to eliminate plastic and paper from its services and focus its offer on the digital environment. The ultimate goal is to minimize its impact on the environment, by eliminating all elements that can be digitized. Similarly, the company has reduced Ticket Restaurant vouchers to paper, offering a virtual alternative.

Among the benefits for businesses, this method will eliminate logistical procedures, and the shipping and distribution of food aid is much easier. In addition, by joining this digital system, companies are committing to a commitment to the environment and the reduction of plastic and paper. For users, the new option increases security against theft or loss, enables faster activation and management, and biometric payment. Also, avoid contact with other objects or people, a pressing need today. The whole process, from the application of the card, its activation, payments and inquiries, is done via mobile.

We are a company absolutely committed to innovation and sustainability, because society demands it and the environment needs it. Every step we take, and we are the first to take it, continues the digitization of our processes and services. Ticket Restaurant Zero is a clear example, adds Asla.

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