Edge Beta 91 comes to iOS with unified cross-platform code

Several weeks ago, Microsoft released Edge Canary for Android, bringing us a totally different browser version than what we like on the “stable” channel. The reason? Unified code across platforms. Now this effort from Microsoft has also moved to iOS and they released Edge Beta 91 through TestFlight.

One edge to dominate them all

This new version of Microsoft Edge with unified code gives us a typical experience of a new browser. The performance is much faster, the animations are more polished and the design is more polished.

Source: Microsofters Source: Microsofters Source: Microsofters Source: Microsofters

Edge Beta version 91.864.11 was released through the TestFlight app, which manages beta and private enterprise apps in the iOS environment. Users can register their device through this page to test the new beta. The number of testers is limited to 10,000, so you need to be quick if the quota isn’t already filled.

Unifying code across platforms will allow Microsoft to release and update features much faster and everywhere at the same time. Thus, it is possible to create a unified user experience between operating systems, allowing the user to feel at home.

In this case, the beta version of Edge includes a new user interface, new menu, better scrolling, and other features like reading mode and full access to Edge: // metrics. Have you ever tried? What sensations does it leave you?

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