Edge Canary arrives for Android with unified code across platforms

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s big bet for the next few years in the browser world. After the failure of the old Edge based on its own engine, Microsoft decided to go for a completely new browser (except for the name) based on Chromium. The result couldn’t be better.

Now, after announcing the unification of the code between all versions of Edge (mobile and desktop) two months ago, it looks like it will soon become a reality. Reddit users have discovered that Microsoft has already released the Edge Canary version for Android. We installed it and saw quite a few differences from the stable version.

Your first look at the code unification Edge promised

First, it highlights a quite different setup wizard than the current one, asking us about the design of the new tab page and preventing tracking. Additionally, we have more sync options than ever before with the desktop version, which now allows us to sync History, Open Tabs, and Edge Collections as well.

Once the browser is configured, we continue to see differences. In the aesthetic section, Microsoft finally managed to make the phone’s status bar the same color as Edge’s top bar with the dark theme. Additionally, we see new Fluent Design iconography throughout the app like in the lower arrows or the security icon.

If we go into the setup, we will immediately achieve something very important: it is identical to the one we have in the desktop version (at least those things that are currently enabled in this first version of Edge Canary). In fact, if we go to the “About Microsoft Edge” section, we see that we are jumping to version 91.0.858.0, coinciding with the numbering of desks for the first time.

Other cool new features are the reading mode, which becomes the same as the desktop version, significant improvements in the overall performance of the app, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, and full access to Edge: // metrics. Thanks to the unification of the code, we will have a much better browser that will receive new features at the same time in all its versions, which will give us more reasons to use Edge on all platforms.

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