Edge starts testing the two-page PDF view

Microsoft has been improving the PDF reader of the new Chromium-based Edge since day one. If there was anything good about the old Microsoft Edge, it was its PDF reader. Between the capabilities of Windows Ink and its multiple options, it was far ahead of Chrome. Now a feature that was in testing for a long time is coming back.

Microsoft begins testing the two-page view in Microsoft Edge

Edge Canary build 88.0.688.0 added two PDF billboards. This is very useful given the format of most screens. The feature can be enabled by activating the “Enable dual page view for PDF” flag in the Edge: // flags.

This produces a new button in the PDF reader on restart, which allows us to choose a single page view, two page views, or a mode that keeps the cover page visible.

We have tested the functionality and it works great. We hope that the Microsoft team will continue their testing and, if all goes well, they can reach users in about two months. Enough time to polish this feature and deliver outstanding performance as we are used to from early versions.

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