Edge will notify us of the strength of our passwords

It looks like the Microsoft Edge team is one of the most dynamic in Microsoft. Every week they have new ideas and surprise us with new features coming to your browser. As you already know, they first reach the Canary Islands channel and then they move through the different canals. It is a long and painstaking process to ensure that every feature gets to the stable release in the best possible way. Now they are tweaking the Microsoft Edge password manager.

Edge will tell us if our passwords are weak or strong

As it has always been Leo Varela, one of our readers, who discovered the new functionality present in the configuration passwords area. In this area, Edge already informs us if a password was found in the leaked password databases. Now it will also inform us of the strength of our passwords and prompt us to change the weakest ones.

In addition, we can filter our passwords by force or by those that have been filtered. This way it is much easier to work with the manager by being able to organize the different passwords. For the moment, it is being tested on a group of users of the Canary version.

We can see how at the top it tells us what passwords we have saved, how many are weak, how many are reused and how many have been filtered. A way to see at a glance the situation with our passwords and to ensure the security of our accounts.

We hope that development will continue to move forward and that we can test it soon and show you how it works in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft’s browser continues to improve and continues to pick up some users who, tired of Google Chrome, venture to try Microsoft Edge. We’ll see what surprises the Edge team has in store for the Build.

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