Edix launches digital entrepreneurship career

Edix, the Institute of Digital Workers of UNIR, continues to revolutionize the online training sector by offering content in innovative formats that are accessible to all. At Edix, they are aware that this is an exceptional moment and wish to get even more involved in the implementation of new training models allowing people to access the jobs of the future. For this reason, he is launching his new program; Expert in digital entrepreneurship.

If you have a digital project, now is the time. More and more we buy online, we live and work in the cloud or we request all kinds of services from mobile. We operate in a digital world that looks like the universe, it has no limits.

With this new career, students will learn what will work in the market and what will fail. All this with a good methodology, good practices and the experience of those who have undertaken before, in order to guide all students in the development of their project.

A digital entrepreneur needs to know the market in which he works like the back of his hand, as well as his customers and, of course, to know which business model best fits each idea. He is a specialist, in short.

Know the keys to turning your idea into a business

The entrepreneurship rate in Spain (6.1%) is lower than the European average, which means that there is a gap in the market for new ideas, products and services. With the rapid advancement of digital transformation, there are many opportunities.

At Edix, students will not only learn how to plan and execute each phase of entrepreneurship, but they will also learn how to apply digital transformation to traditional businesses. And, if you have a revolutionary product in mind, they will give you the keys to launch it. Likewise, with the new skills, they will be able to join the innovation departments of startups and large companies. They will be specialists in the digital ecosystem, business opportunities and providing solutions to make the world a better place.

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