Edmundo Bal (Cs) accuses the PP of being an “indecent” party for organizing an “open day for defectors”

Publication: Saturday, March 20, 2021 09:29

Ciudadanos national spokesman Edmundo Bal called the PP “indecent” for orchestrating an “open day for deserters” in exchange for positions and money and criticized those who left the party without leave the minutes.

In una entrevista en ‘El País’, el que será candidato de Cs a presidir la Comunidad de Madrid tras la renuncia de Ignacio Aguado, no descarta votar la investidura de Isabel Díaz Ayuso, pese a que afirma que la presidenta adelantó las elecciones basándose en a lie.

“I came to politics to use my head, not to politics of the guts.” “What everyone clearly knows is that we are going to push the extremes away from the government. We will see later with whom ”, says Bal, who specifies that“ the important thing is not with whom to govern, but what ”.

And he “categorically” denies that Cs was preparing a motion of censure in Madrid with the PSOE, as stated by two regional deputies from his party who resigned. “When one commits this type of act of fraud against the will of the voters, he has to make up the excuses that are necessary.”

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