Edmundo Bal will be the candidate of the Citizens of the Community of Madrid after winning the primaries

Publication: Monday March 22, 2021 9:14 PM

It is confirmed that Edmundo Bal will be the citizens’ candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid after winning the party primaries on Monday with a large majority, obtaining 89.43% of the vote.

This was confirmed by the Orange squad in a statement, after former Madrid vice-president Ignacio Aguado stepped down last week and asked Bal to run as a candidate, an offer the spokesman said. National Cs accepted.

A candidacy which has now been supported by nearly 90% of the 1315 activists who participated in the vote between 8 p.m. Sunday and at the same time on Monday, according to the party of Inés Arrimadas.

According to Cs, Bal obtained the most votes in these primaries followed by Mercedes Nuño Masip (2.59%), Carlos Álvarez de Toledo Larios (2.43%), Cesar Gutiérrez Calvo (2.21%), Enrique Boto (0.84%), Fernando Castellano Martín (0.68%), Alberto Díaz del Río García (0.61%), Alberto Pulido Ruiz (0.46%), Antonio Urbina Barba (0.46%) , Luis Yubero Macua (0.23%) and Juan Manuel Bornes González (0.08%).

The already official candidate, affiliated with Ciudadanos since 2019 and member of the party’s Standing Committee, categorically rejected less than a week ago in Al Rojo Vivo the possibility of standing for the May 4 elections, thus securing his place in Congress . MPs.

Just a day after Aguado announced his resignation to lead the candidacy, Bal justified his change of mind in an interview with ARV, assuring that “he was telling the truth” and that “in politics things change in seconds. “, as you can see this video:

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