EDP ​​Spain chooses APlanet to improve data management for its sustainable development processes

EDP ​​Spain chooses APlanet to improve data management for its sustainable development processes

APlanet, a Spanish company specializing in technologies applied to the management of sustainable development, has been selected from a total of 800 projects as one of the nine finalists of the 2020 call for Starter Business Acceleration, the global startup accelerator promoted by the EDP group to promote initiatives and innovative solutions applicable to the energy industry. Thanks to this recognition, the company is developing a pilot to help EDP Espaa improve the efficiency of the data management of its sustainable development processes.

APlanet is a technological platform that allows all types of organizations to manage their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and their sustainable development plans based on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria in an automated and highly more efficient. Its objective is to put technology at the service of sustainable development, through tools that promote the optimization of resources intended for these purposes in order to improve their positive impact on society.

The platform is scalable and has four different modules that can be contracted together or separately with a pay-as-you-go (SaaS) model. In the case of EDP Espaa, he wanted to test the operation of two of them. The first is “ APlanet Sustainability ”, an extra-financial data manager capable of collecting, centralizing and consolidating in one place with maximum reliability all the information coming from the different departments of the company, thus promoting advanced analysis. data and better risk detection, as well as more agile reporting, based on metrics based on global standards.

“With ‘APlanet Sustainability’, we hope to improve the complex management of sustainable development data in all of our activities, thus meeting our commitments in terms of internal and external reporting. We have great confidence in this tool which, during the Starter Business Acceleration selection process, convinced us with its simplicity and efficiency, and we are already seeing the benefits of its use ”, says Alfredo Menndez Morn, Head of Sustainability and Continuous improvement of EDP Espaa.

The second module that the energy company is testing is “ APlanet Materiality ”, an innovative tool to generate a materiality analysis, which, in the field of CSR, refers to questions particularly relevant for the sustainability of an organization. , that is to say directly linked to their main impacts and risks. To this end, this tool includes active listening, benchmarking and stakeholder surveys, through which a matrix is ​​generated that helps identify what these priority aspects are and conduct strategic sustainability management.

“It is a huge satisfaction for us to have the opportunity to work with a leader in the energy sector such as EDP, which maintains a strong commitment to sustainable development. We are convinced that, thanks to our platform, we will be able to help you improve your methodologies and internal management procedures in this area, so that you can respond more effectively to the requirements of a sector increasingly involved in sustainable development ” , says Johanna Gallo, co-founder and CEO of Alanet

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