Education proposes that classes can return to the same ratio of students as before the pandemic

Publication: Wednesday May 19, 2021 20:15

The government is now proposing that the Autonomous Communities can set the same pupil-to-teacher ratio as before next year’s pandemic, provided the safe distance is maintained. This is reflected in a new project from the Ministry of Education cited by the Efe agency.

A possibility that represents a change from the previous project presented to the Autonomous Communities, which provided for a maximum of 20 students per class in early childhood education and 25 students in primary.

The new draft, on the other hand, does not include these limits, thus making it possible to set the limits established in regional regulations. According to Efe, the department headed by Isabel Celaá introduced this change at the request of some communities.

However, the document envisages maintaining stable coexistence groups or “bubble groups”. In infants, however, children will be allowed to interact between groups of the same level, especially in outdoor activities, such as recreation and athletic activities.

In primary, from 1st to 4th, there will also be groups of bubbles, while in 5th and 6th the organization can be done as a stable group by maintaining the distance of 1.5 meters, with the possibility of making it more flexible at 1.2 meters. In secondary, baccalaureate and PF, on the other hand, an interpersonal distance must be maintained inside the classroom of 1.5 meters, which can be lowered to 1.2 meters to ensure attendance.

As the previous proposal also provided for, the mask will remain compulsory from the age of six, regardless of maintaining interpersonal distance or belonging to a group of bubbles.

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