Effect of covid-19 air pollution: Prolonged exposure to air pollution increases risk of death from COVID-19 – air pollution leading to more deaths from covid19

New research conducted in more than three thousand counties in the United States has shown that people who live longer with exposure to polluting microparticles increase their chances of dying from Kovid-19. It is hoped that after the publication of this study, policymakers will seriously consider the damage caused by air pollution and try to reduce the number of deaths during the epidemic.

Covid-19 deaths on the rise due to pollution
The study, published in a research journal called “Science Advances”, examined the effects of deaths from Kovid-19 and prolonged exposure to PM2.5 particles. The research was conducted on 98 percent of the population living in 3,089 counties in the United States. The study found that exposure to these pollution factor particles increased the death rate from Kovid-19 with prolonged exposure.

What is the effect?
Although the study does not explain the mechanism of mortality between PM2.5 particles and Kovid-19 patients, scientists at other institutions, including Harvard University, involved in the research believe that exposure prolonged to these particles in the lungs The “ACE-2 receptor” can be produced more and this helps the corona virus to enter the cells of the body. Scientists believe that prolonged exposure to air pollution also affects people’s immunity.

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