Effect of moderna covid vaccine on children: Moderna says Covid vaccine is very effective on children as young as 12: Moderna says its Covid vaccine is effective on children as young as 12

Moderna claimed that its vaccine against the corona virus was effective in the elderly as well as children up to 12 years old. After which, this vaccine may become a second option for children in America. In fact, Pfizer’s Kovid vaccine is already being provided to children there. Other than these two, no other vaccine manufacturer has so far claimed an impact on children.

What will be useful to stop the third wave of Corona in India?
Many leading government health experts in India have predicted Kovid’s third wave. In which it was claimed that during this period the effect of this virus on children will be more observed. Many state governments have also started preparations to deal with the third wave. In such a situation, if a large number of vaccine manufacturers study the effects on children, India can also benefit.

Pfizer vaccine given to children in the United States and Canada
The global vaccine shortage persists and most countries around the world are battling adult immunization to fight the epidemic. However, earlier this month, the United States and Canada approved another vaccine – made by Pfizer and BioNtech – to be given to people over 12 years of age.

Maderna submitted a report on the impact on children in America
Moderna is online for approval and has said it will submit its data on minors to the United States Food and Drug Administration and other global regulators early next month. The company studied 3,700 children aged 12 to 17. The first results showed that the vaccine acts on the protection of the immune system of adolescents in the same way as adults, and similar temporary side effects such as swelling of the arms, headache and fatigue.

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Claims to be 93% effective on children
Kovid-19 was not found among those who took two doses of Moderna vaccine while four cases were found in children who received dummy vaccines. The company said in a press release that it was 93% effective two weeks after the first dose. Children have a significantly lower risk of getting sick with Kovid-19 than adults, but they account for 14% of the country’s coronavirus cases. According to data from the American Academy of Pediatrics, at least 316 children have died in the United States alone.

Teenagers are flocking to America for vaccinations
After gaining regulatory approval, large numbers of teens travel to vaccination centers across the United States to get Pfizer vaccinated. The effort is to have more and more adolescents vaccinated before the next academic session. Pfizer and Maderna have both started vaccination testing of children aged 11 to 6 months.

Moderna’s vaccine is also effective in 12 year olds! Good news amid the fear of the third wave of Corona

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