efficacy of coronavirus vaccine: efficacy of coronavirus vaccine in Great Britain: effect of corona virus vaccine in UK

The work of applying the corona vaccine in India is proceeding apace, but some people are not yet fully confident. In such a situation, the analysis of the vaccination program published in the United Kingdom may be lightened. According to the data, only 32 people are infected with the corona virus three weeks after the vaccine was introduced in the UK. The British Corona Virus Clinical Characterization Consortium examined data from 74,000 hospitalized people admitted between September and March.

2000 people were vaccinated

Of that number, there were 2,000 people who had been vaccinated and only 32 people who had an infection after three weeks when the vaccine started to work. Before that there is a risk of infection and only after that the body gets immunity from the virus. University of Liverpool professor Kalam Sampel says the data confirms the government’s plan to emerge from the lockdown.

The conditions are better

They say finding such results outside of clinical trials proves the vaccine’s effectiveness. The British National Health System (NHS) currently treats less than two thousand people, while in January the figure had reached 40 thousand. New recruits have dropped to 200 every day. The lowest number of cases is reported in seven months, and the death toll also dropped to 26. One sample reported that these 32 people had infections after the first dose and were still elderly patients. In such a situation, it can be understood that even a single dose has an effect on the general population.

Vaccination in progress since December

The Corona virus vaccine has been in place in the UK since December. Pfizer’s vaccine was first approved here. Astra-Zeneca was subsequently approved in January. After that, the vaccinations intensified. Professor Sample said the data on the effect after two doses would be more reliable. However, he says some people in society are considering not applying the vaccine. This can increase the incidence of reinfection.

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