Efficacy of pfizer vaccine: longer gap between Pfizer Covid vaccine doses increases antibody levels

A study conducted on the difference between two doses of Pfizer’s corona vaccine made a big claim about its effectiveness. British researchers said that a long interval between the first and second dose of Pfizer-BioNtech’s vaccine develops stronger antibodies and T cell immunity. This detailed study on the immunogenicity of the Pfizer vaccine was carried out by Universities of Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool and Sheffield, led by the University of Oxford and with support from the UK Corona Virus Immunology Consortium.

Increased levels of T cells and antibodies
In a study based on T cells developed to protect against Kovid-19 in healthcare workers, researchers found that T cell and antibody levels remained elevated even after a large gap between the first and second dose. , and this elevated level remained elevated after two doses. Despite a significant decrease in antibody levels between globally, the study indicates that the difference between the two doses of vaccination is the true protection against COVID-19 and proves that a second dose of vaccine is needed.

Study carried out on 503 health workers
Dr Tushan de Silva, senior medical spokesperson and lead author of the research paper on infectious diseases at the University of Sheffield, said our study assesses antibody and T cell responses after the SARS- vaccine. CoV-2, in particular the various defense mechanisms. which could possibly protect against virus overhaul. This study was carried out on 503 health workers and its results were published on Friday.

Longer gap between two doses more effective
Silva said Britain recognizes the long gap between the two vaccines and the results showed antibody levels were higher with a longer gap than a shorter gap between the two vaccines. However, this increased difference results in some reduction in antibody levels while the ability of the T cell to respond is maintained. It is clear that for maximum protection, two doses of vaccine are necessary, in particular to avoid the delta type.

Risks of poor immunity if both doses are taken too early
The study found that the overall levels of T-cell differentiated immunization cells were 1.6 times lower when given at longer intervals than with a second dose of 3-4 weeks at spaced intervals. but longer. cells, which maintain long-term immunization memory.

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