EFQM integrates Nieves Segovia to its board of directors

The EFQM -European Foundation Quality Management- has integrated Nieves Segovia, vice-president of the Excellence in Management Club, to its board of directors, a multisectoral non-profit association that generates and shares knowledge on management and transformation of organizations, in addition to being the only official representative of EFQM in Spain.

Segovia will also reconcile her activity on the EFQM Steering Committee with her position as President of the SEK Educational Institution, a member organization of the Club Excellence in Management on which Camilo Jos Cela University and SEK International Schools depend.

His long career and his in-depth knowledge of the EFQM model helped him join the board. This has also favored its constant collaboration with the Excellence in Management Club, the most relevant national partner of the EFQM thanks to its trajectory, being the organization which awards the most EFQM seals each year in the world and which has trained the most professionals in the EFQM model. since the start of its alliance with the EFQM in 1994.

In addition, the Excellence in Management Club combines these services with learning activities for its community of members, in which Nieves Segovia and his organization have always been very active, and with the support and advice services it offers. in management and business transformation.

Trajectory of Nieves Segovia

Educator and expert in educational innovation, Nieves Segovia is president of the SEK educational institution, made up of Camilo Jos Cela University and SEK international schools.

The SEK Educational Institution was founded in 1892. The group currently has nine schools in Spain, France, Ireland and Qatar, and the Camilo Jos Cela University in Madrid, with more than 15,000 students.

Nieves Segovia is a member of the State School Council of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. He chairs the Felipe Segovia Foundation and sits on the boards of the European Foundation for Society and Education and the Transforma Espaa Foundation. She is vice-president of the Global Sports Innovation Center, of the Club of Excellence in Management and of Edutech Cluster Spain. He is also a member of the Ashoka Support Network and a member of the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University.

It funds and promotes the Global Education Forum, a community of educational innovators, and SEK Lab, an Edtech accelerator. In 2017, he launched the UCJC Integra program, a university education plan for refugees, now joined by Sphera, an intercultural social entrepreneurship center, and EachTeach, a global initiative for the training of refugee teachers.

Among other awards, Nieves Segovia received the UNICEF Prize for Education in Values ​​and is recognized among the most influential women in the field of education. He is a regular speaker in educational forums and writes frequently for media and trade magazines.

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