Egypt Mummy Parade: Egypt Mummy Parade Amidst Fear of the Curse: Mummy Parade in Egypt

A large parade was seen in Egypt on Saturday. This historic parade was organized for 22 famous mummies for the pharaohs. They are transported from central Cairo to a museum. The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization was moved from the Egyptian Museum to Tahrir Square, where Egypt’s first Islamic capital was located. Interestingly, there have been many doubts raised about this and the fear of the “curse” has also spread, but modern Egypt has chosen to ignore them and parade. During the parade, special crates were kept in trucks and decorated in a traditional style taking into account the weather.

21 cannon shots

A 21-gun salute began during the ceremony and a light music program was performed. These mummies include Raja Ramses II, Seti I, Rani Hatshepsut, etc. The Egyptian government claims that by collecting all the mummies in the Cairo museum, tourists can see them in one place. At the same time, the government, which is grappling with the currency crisis, hopes that tourists will come on a large scale and that this will increase its income during the Corona period. At the same time, according to the Daily Mail, it was said in a curse that death would come very quickly to the person who will disturb the peace of King Pharaoh.

“ Events are just coincidences ”

Recent incidents in Egypt are said to have justified these fears, but archaeologists have rejected these claims. He said such incidents in Egypt were just a coincidence. Former Egyptian Minister Al Nahar has said that sending Mami from one place to another has nothing to do with these accidents. Reputable archaeologists called the curse allegations baseless and said sending these mummies to another location would only increase their honor. The tourism sector is also expected to benefit due to the political turmoil that erupted in the country in 2011 and now due to the corona virus outbreak.

Who was Pharaoh?

Explain that Pharaoh was the most powerful emperor in Egypt, who reigned in the 16th century BC. It is said that Pharaoh was executed after being caught up in a brawl with the invading foreign dynasty Haxos. The Pharaoh has since been mummified and buried in the necropolis of Thebes. This mummy was discovered in 1881. It was not known that there were several fatal bruises on his body. Now that a CT scan of the head has been done, scientists have found many serious scars.

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