egypt sexy pyramids photoshoot: model in front of ancient egypt pyramids created ‘inflammatory’ images, created a heckle – egypt stops photographer for sexy pyramids photoshoot with model

Egyptian police have arrested a photographer for allegedly taking incendiary photographs of models in front of an ancient pyramid. The photographer photographed a model dressed in ancient Egyptian clothing in front of a pyramid outside the capital Cairo. Previously, a rumor had circulated that famous Egyptian model Salma al-Shimi had been arrested. However, police have denied arresting Salma. Let’s see what the problem is …

Photoshoot in front of the 4,700-year-old pyramid

According to the Daily Mail, model Salma al-Shimi was pictured outside the mausoleum wearing clothes worn during King Farrow’s time in ancient times in a semi-closed condition. The photographer was arrested after this private photoshoot in the area of ​​archaeological significance. Not only that, the photographer’s case was sent to court. Earlier on previous Instagram, hugely popular Model of the Week Shimmy posted these photos in clothes worn in ancient Egypt. In these photos, she was seen standing in front of the 4,700-year-old Dajoser pyramid in Egypt.

Sakkara was granted World Heritage Site status

After posting the photos, rumors emerged that the model had been arrested for wearing clothes that damaged Egypt’s ancient heritage and violated government regulations. Sakkara was a huge cemetery in ancient Egypt about 3 thousand years ago. It has the status of a World Heritage Site. On social networks, people were agitated after provoking photos in front of this pyramid. One user said: “Is it normal to buy such pictures?” Police are currently investigating the case. At the same time, he tries to find out that the employee authorized to take the photos can be identified.

The model deleted photos after controversy

According to Egyptian media, the photos were secretly deleted from model Shimei’s Instagram account on Monday. Earlier in recent months, Egyptian courts sent scores of people active on social media to jail for sharing offensive photos. Earlier in 2018, a couple undressed and took photos in front of the Great Pyramid. After that, there was a lot of heckling across the country. Officers arrested a camel owner and a young female guide for allegedly helping to extract nude photos.

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