Egyptian black sarcophagus update: secret ‘juice’ from 2,300-year-old cursed coffin in Egypt, 36,000 people demanding to drink

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Two years ago, a mysterious “ juice ” was found inside a mausoleum in Egypt, the land of the ancient pyramids. around the world drink it In search of Cairo
The mysterious “juice” was found two years ago inside a mausoleum in Egypt, the land of the ancient pyramids. The juice was found in a black-colored coffin that was around 2,300 years old. News of getting the juice has spread like wildfire in Egypt and now 36,000 people are asking to drink it. It is said that archaeologists were working in the Alexandria region in northern Egypt and saw a huge tomb about 10 feet high. This coffin was buried in this tomb.

From this coffin emerged Mami, who is from the Ptolemaic period, who ruled between 305 BCE and 30 BCE. When archaeologists opened this mummy, three human skeletons were found inside. These skeletons are believed to have belonged to soldiers who were kept in the midst of the stinking red water. In Egypt, there was a ruckus when news of the water found inside the coffin spread. People say they should be allowed to drink this “juice” so that if they have divine power, then they get it.
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So far 36 thousand people have signed the petition
One user, Inn Mac, has started a petition on, to which 36,000 people have signed up so far. The request of these people is that they should be allowed to drink this secret “juice”. He said, “We should be allowed to drink the red water from the cursed black casket as an energy drink so that our strength kicks in and we can finally die.” At the same time, some people ask for permission to drink it, invoking their right to liberty.

Innes also said that this juice shouldn’t be called sewage because everyone knows that bones can’t shed feces. On the other hand, others say that this tomb is probably cursed and they insisted that if it were opened, a plague epidemic could spread around the world. Meanwhile, iconic Egyptian archaeologist Mustafa Waziri said we opened it and thank Allah that darkness has not spread throughout the world. I was the first to put my head in this coffin and I’m still alive.

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