Egyptian floating pyramid: how the floating pyramid of lahun was built: why the floating pyramid was built in Egypt

The fourth pharaoh Senusret of the 12th kingdom of Egypt ordered the construction of the pyramid of Lahoon. He was very interested in the oasis area of ​​Faiyam and started to extend the irrigation system from Bar Yusuf to Lake Moeris. The aim of this project was to increase the arable land. Thanks to her efforts, it remained the capital of Egypt in the 13th Empire. The documentary “Unearth” explains how this pyramid differs from others.

How is the structure
It was said on the show that there is a unique gap around her. It is the only pyramid that appears to float on water. The underwater tunnels were explored using drone sweep analysis. With his help, 4000-year-old secrets have been revealed. It says: “Built in 1870 BCE on limestone 160 feet high. Black granite was installed on top which would have approached “paradise”.

Special pyramid
It has a Chota pyramid for the queen of the pharaohs and an 8 stone Mastaba memorial. On its outer side was a mud brick wall. There was water around her, which seemed to float. Archaeologist Salima Ikram says Pharaoh prepared for the same confusion as the pyramid floats. He says that at that time people must have seen that the pyramid was floating on the water in the middle of the desert.

He said that due to the oasis, the water keeps coming in here. Clay bricks were used for its construction, then limestone was applied. Trenches were dug around it into which stones were poured.

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