Egyptian mummies discovered: mummies with the golden tongue as an amulet found in Egypt rocks: 16 mummies found in Egypt with the golden tongue

The traces of ancient human civilization found in Egypt continue to this day. The latest discovery has the Egyptian-Dominican mission of the University of Santo Domingo, nothing less than a treasure in the excavations of the Tabossiris Magna temple in Alexandria. Here are 16 pieces carved into the rock in which Mami was buried. The peculiarity is that in the area of ​​this temple we discover the tomb of Queen Cleopatra, the most famous, most powerful, intelligent and beautiful example of ancient Egypt.

Overview of ancient traditions

Although these mummies were not found in good condition, a lot of information is available on the method of burial in the Greco-Roman manner. It is believed that today, the temple where only the beautiful exterior walls remain, was sometimes worshiped by the gods Osiris and Isis. It is believed that this temple was built in the empire of Tolmi IV. Khaled Ab Al-Hamz, Managing Director of Alexandria Antiquities, says many important discoveries were made during the mission. In this research, the mummies found in the shape of a tongue are made of gold leaf inside the mummy’s mouth. It is believed that they would need to speak when they go to another world after death. (Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

Found strange creations

On a mummy there is a gold work of art reminiscent of Osiris, the god of death, and horns and snakes are made on someone. There is a large necklace on the chest of a mummy with a falcon’s head which is said to be the sign of the divinity of Horus. Items found during the search include a woman’s funeral masks, 8 gold flakes, 8 marble masks. The leader of this expedition, Catherine Martinez, is searching for the tomb of Queen Cleopatra, the last ruler of Ptolemy’s Egyptian empire since 2005. They believe it will be in the area of ​​this temple. Coins bearing the name and image of Cleopatra were also found here. (Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

What else …

Archaeologists from Egypt and the Dominican Republic have started excavating here since 2002. So far, 27 mausoleums and 10 mummies have been found. Their excavation and research are still ongoing. 200 royal pieces were also found in this excavation on which the face is said to be of Cleopatra. Apart from this, the remains of two Egyptians have also been found. This leads archaeologists to hope that Cleopatra’s tomb can also be found here. (Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

Why the discovery of the tomb of Cleopatra?

Egyptian Cleopatra was the most powerful woman in the history of the world and the most famous female ruler even after she left this world. She was the first person to speak the Egyptian language in the Ptolemaic kingdom of which she became the last queen. Cleopatra was so well loved for her intelligent, capable and attractive personality that she continued to be worshiped even after three centuries of death. She is believed to be a very smart and intelligent leader. It was her sharp politics, the art of networking, and her ability to make frequent changes that made her the only female ruler in the ancient world. (Photo: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood film Cleopatra)

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