Egypt’s Golden City First Video: Golden City Egypt: An Amazing 3,000-Year-Old “ Golden ” City Found In Egypt, The First Video Has Released

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The astonishing three thousand year old ‘city of gold’ found in Egypt is being discussed around the world. Even after spending so many years, it looks like it was built yesterday on its own.
The wonderful city found in Egypt is discussed at three thousand years. Even after passing by after so many years, looking at the remains of this “biggest” ancient city in Egypt, it looks like it was built yesterday. The city is also known as “Pompeii of ancient Egypt”. The announcement of the meeting of this city of almost 3,400 years under the sands of the city of Luxor was announced last week by the famous Egyptian archaeologist Dr Zahi Havas. Now the first video of this “city of gold” has been released to the world.

Many experts say this city in Egypt is the biggest find after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. The city was discovered after nearly 7 months of excavation. The common man will not be allowed to visit the city for the next few years. Meanwhile, operators of the Anyextee YouTube channel released a citywide video. He said these images are exclusive to him and have not yet been seen. Let’s see the full video of the Egyptian city of gold.

The largest ancient city discovered in Egypt
The famous Egyptologist Jahi Havas announced that the “lost golden city” had been discovered near Lagger. The Valley of the Kings is located here. The team released a statement that under the aegis of Dr Zahi, a city was found in the Egyptian mission which was lost under the sand. The statement said: “The city is 3000 thousand years old, lasted during the reign of Amenhotep III and also during Tutankhamun.

The city is said to be the largest ancient city discovered in Egypt. Egyptian art and archaeologist Betsy Bryan of Johns Hopkins University reported that this is the second largest archaeological find after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s mausoleum. The search resulted in rings such as jewelry, colorful utensils, amulets and sealed bricks from Amantop III. The town had been searched several times before, but no one could find it. It is hoped that many treasures can be discovered through further exploration.

Witness to the wealth of the Egyptians
The team began the search in September of last year. At 500 km from Cairo was discovered between the temples of Ramses III and Amantop III near Lagjar. Within weeks, he started to find clay brick figurines in all the places. Excavations have revealed a huge city which has been preserved in fairly good condition. Nearly finished walls and rooms filled with everyday items were found. The team’s statement says this area was discovered after thousands of years as if it were yesterday.

Seven months later, several areas were discovered. He also found a bakery and utensil store with Avan. Even administrative and residential quarters have been found. Amantop III had inherited an empire that stretched from the Euphrates to Sudan. He died in 1354 BC. He ruled for four decades. This period is known for its wealth and magnificent buildings. These include huge statues of him and his queen mounted near Lajjar. Bryan explained that this discovery would reveal the richest time in ancient Egypt.

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