Eight ideas so that summer doesn’t make you put the ‘closed’ sign

Seasonality has always been one of the main economic characteristics of Spain. While in summer businesses related to leisure, catering or tourism are at their peak of work, other businesses almost paralyze their activity.

According to Adecco’s estimates, the service sector is responsible for 55% of the jobs generated during the season. On the other hand, there are sectors where invoicing suffers considerable losses.

It is inevitable that, if you are in one of the sectors where activity declines the most during the summer, your billing prospects will be reduced … or not? This period is complicated for some sectors, since some traders and consumers are on vacation and lose track for a while. However, if we know how to orient our commercial strategy, we can make this period profitable, underline Alfonso Bastida and Christian Helmut, commercial experts and directors of the first school to train specialists in this field.

Business experts explain that the businessman or entrepreneur has to analyze the situation very well and find out what is right for him: close or stay open. Arrived here, we must study what is the ideal option, especially since since the pandemic consumption habits have changed. We must assess whether it is interesting to diversify, to start a complementary activity or to extend the sales period. All this taking into account that seasonality is the cancer of sales, since turnover is concentrated over a very short period of time, believe experts Alfonso Bastida and Christian Helmut.

Do not hang closed sign for holidays

In summer, customers are not as active as at other times of the year and are even on vacation. But that’s no excuse, because even if you think things are going halfway, you always have to be available for who needs you.

In this sense, Bastida and Helmut specify that the main thing to increase sales during the summer is to move away from the competition and facilitate the purchasing process. Thus, they emphasize that an original campaign on the networks, an attractive design of the store and, above all, a simple functionality, will especially appeal to customers in this period.

8 marketing recommendations for your summer strategy

1. Offer summer campaigns

The best way to draw attention to a time that many consider wasted and increase income is precisely to offer special campaigns that take advantage of less competition. It is essential to study the portfolio and the target niches in depth and to weigh the possibility of creating or not a new package of services or the application of offers for new clients or that allow entry into new professions, advise us Alfonso Bastida and Christian Helmut.

2. Generate urgency

Sell ​​what you sell, you can surely encourage them to buy it before the end of the summer vacation, it is important to make the connection between the product to be sold and the need to have it right away.

3. Adapt the product or service

Adapt the service or the product to the summer, give it a new name, a guide in the material, in the form, it doesn’t matter. These types of performances always work, as they add an originality which usually creates sympathy with the audience.

4. Create smart associations

Collaborations provide the competitive advantage of sharing clients as well as workload. Reach an agreement to carry out a marketing strategy for a specific product line, or organize a sponsored summer event, or conduct a raffle for followers of both brands.

Alfonso Bastida and Christian Helmut give some advice on the subject: choose someone who is close or serves the same audience, an event, or just an alliance to send mass emails to client lists of both. .

5. Prospect and qualify leads

While the business is a little more crippled, that doesn’t mean that this time should be sacrificed. Bet on networking and lead follow-up and start working on the organization of meetings.

Companies sometimes forget to feed their greatest resource: customers. Summer is the perfect time to make sure customers stay happy, advise Bastida and Helmut.

6. Take the opportunity to generate content

We all love to go on vacation and disconnect, but you should take advantage of the summer season to create content with summer feelings, try applying emotional marketing and story-doing to evoke feelings that remind us of summer: freedom , joy, disconnection, happiness. …

7. Differentiate yourself from the competition

Many brands will take advantage of the warmth and good weather to position themselves as a benchmark, launch offers and novelties before everyone else and do it with a very personal tone, far from the classic resources that others will use. You will be able to take center stage and differentiate yourself with your company to stand out in your sector.

8. Review the sales strategy

The quieter months of the year are a great opportunity to analyze your sales strategy. Take advantage of the time available to analyze, both the areas that have generated profits and the services that are not working.

In short, the summer period is undoubtedly one of the best times to sell your products or services, so you should not waste it, because as Alfonso Bastida and Christian Helmut explain to us, putting these Tips in practice, you can keep an eye on your customers and continue to bill as at other times, or even more if you adapt well. You can’t leave your business behind and have a good strategy in place to boost it in the summer.

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