Eight key elements for managing the new world of work

The employee experience, intelligent workspaces or the integration of IT into HR are some of the elements that mark the new way of approaching the return to the office.

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – June 21, 2021

Atos launches Engaged Employee Experience, a unique initiative that strengthens Atos’ position as a leader in the new frontier of work. Leveraging Atos’ recognized expertise in digital services for the workplace, the Engaged Employee Experience encompasses the latest tools and technologies, new and existing consulting capabilities, and partnerships with leading experts. in the field, all supported by clear decarbonisation objectives. It is the most comprehensive cross-industry service package on the market today and the only one that combines traditional Digital Workplace solutions with employee experience services.

According to Forrester, “Executives know they are in the crosshairs of a strategy to work anywhere beyond the pandemic. An astonishing 75% of CEOs expect their office space to shrink. “Against this backdrop, Engaged Employee Experience is helping companies around the world to effectively manage this new world of work, which poses challenges such as remote workforce dispersal, changing employee expectations, and increasing demand. mental illness, equipping them with the appropriate tools, experience and capabilities for an engaged and successful workforce.

The Engaged Employee Experience focuses on:

Voice of the Employee: tools to measure, analyze and manage the employee experience in real time from anywhere in order to listen, understand and act effectively on the employee experience. Smart Work – Expertise and consultancy tools to help create and manage new smart and safe workspaces and hybrid work solutions that deliver new collaborative and social experiences, connected to the rest of the world through immersive technologies. The employee journey through the organization: solutions to enable a smooth employee workflow throughout their lifecycle by integrating IT, human resources and facilities so that employees benefit from an experience effective similar to that of the consumer. Accessibility: Make workplaces inclusive by leveraging and integrating “design” assistive technologies into all of your services and solutions. Adoption and lifelong learning: As part of its holistic approach, Atos offers step-by-step guidance, micro-learning, gamification and support to provide organizations and users with the skills to succeed and avoid a digital divide on work place. Citizen Development: By giving employees the tools (low-code and no-code platforms) to rebuild processes and adapt them to individual needs, organizations can reduce pressure on IT teams and empower employees. Mental Health: Sentiment Analysis Tools and Solutions to Build a Resilient Workforce and Reduce Mental Health Risks. Improved consultancy capabilities: Atos brings the expertise to connect people to technology, combining design thinking with the cultural challenges of individual organizations to create the most appropriate solutions for customers and end users.

“The pandemic has forced us to look to new ways of communicating and working, and has led to a transition to a flexible approach to the world of work that we have long anticipated. To get the most out of this transformation, we need to redefine what it means to work. in a collaborative, inclusive and accessible manner. In other words, we must focus more than ever on our employees, not only listening to them, but also giving them the tools to flourish at work ”, said Elie Girard, CEO of Atos. “The time has come for a paradigm shift from a focus on ‘technology OR experience’ to a new approach to ‘technology AND experience’ as well as ‘performance AND experience’. experience ”. which brings together people, places and objects to help our clients transform their organizations. “

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