Eight killed and 50 injured in clash between prisoners and prison officials in Sri Lanka

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Prisoners and prison officials clash at Mahara Prison, about 15 km from Colombo, killing 8 inmates, news of injuries to about 50 others. Dissatisfaction with the incarceration of prisoners on the ability
A bitter (Sri Lankan prison) struggle took place between prisoners and prison authorities in a prison on the outskirts of Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo News. In which 8 prisoners were killed, about 50 others were injured. The clash between the prisoners and the prison authorities occurred when some prisoners tried to flee the prison by forcing the door open. After that, the police had to use force against them.

More prisoners in jail amid Corona crisis, 8 killed in clashes
According to reports, amid the growing infection of the corona virus, there has been constant opposition to placing more prisoners in Sri Lankan prisons. Inmates in many prisons have demonstrated in recent weeks. Meanwhile, prisoner dissatisfaction escalated Monday in Mahara’s prison on the outskirts of Colombo. As the situation worsened, the prison authorities had to use force and 8 prisoners died.

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Prisoners in prison try to escape by breaking the door
Police spokesman Ajit Rohana said on Monday that prisoners revolted in Mahara’s prison, about 15 km from Colombo. Prison officials had to take steps to control the situation. Rohana said at least 50 people, including two jailers, were injured in the incident, who were admitted to nearby Ragama hospital.

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175 prisoners of Mahara’s prison, Corona positive
Prison officials said inmates set the kitchen and recording room on fire during riots. He said the prisoners demanded to be sent to another prison because 175 prisoners in Mahara’s prison are suffering from Kovid-19.

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