Eight out of ten Spanish employees are satisfied with their corporate culture

Organizations that promote communication in understandable, creative, and useful ways have employees who are more satisfied with their organizational culture.

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – June 11, 2021

According to the latest Randstad Employer Brand Research report, 43% of Spaniards want to work from home and, despite the fact that monthly compensation remains the main key when choosing a company to work for, balancing work and work life. staff is still very important to workers.

According to this information, Slik, a digital-native company that measures, analyzes and manages the employee experience in real time, also analyzed the factors that determine job satisfaction based on the culture of the company itself. According to company data, currently 8 out of 10 employees consider that their leaders know and are consistent with the values ​​of the organization. And the climate generated by this relationship is a key characteristic to distinguish one company from others.

To maintain and foster this relationship, it is important to create a two-way internal communication environment. Slik’s records indicate that there is a strong correlation between internal communication and organizational culture, organizations that promote communication in an understandable, creative and useful way have more satisfied employees.

However, satisfaction with the organizational culture decreases significantly between 5 and 9 years. Specifically, the more years of seniority there is, the less feedback and follow-up there is for compliance and improvement of the metrics on their efforts that they receive.

In an era of constant transformation, performance management and without neglecting communication and the well-being of workers is key. Based on data from the digital native company, 50% of employee satisfaction with performance management depends on the combination of company leadership, teamwork and resources offered by the organization to perform their tasks. . These aspects not only improve the working environment and climate among employees, but also increase productivity and commitment to the organization.

According to Paulina Robalino, Head of Humanities at Slik, “Satisfying the organizational culture of the company is essential to foster the development and growth of the employees themselves and of the company in general. Being able to anticipate the possible demotivation or dissatisfaction with one of the factors indicated is essential to promote the objectives of the company and the careers of the employees who compose it ”.

In order to diagnose satisfaction with the organizational culture of the company, Slik offers early analysis and continuous employee monitoring to enable organizations to come up with projects that can be motivating for the employee.

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