Eight skills your business employees need to have in 2021

Given the global context, resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, this 2021 will be marked by transformations, mainly in the sectors of work and education.

Leadership, new professional skills, constant updating on issues relevant to the market, as well as the consolidation of so-called “telecommuting” are some of the most urgent requirements for human resources specialists.

In talent management, assessing general and technical skills is a good way to learn about a person’s total capabilities, as well as to know both their attitude to work situations and their preparation for them.

Prioritizing soft skills is the most successful trend in developing an effective workforce, with characteristics such as: decision making, problem solving and productivity.

HackU, a platform that trains digital non-natives through WhatsApp, showcases the skills company employees should have in the renewed world of work.

Time management. Due to current arrangements such as home office, distance or mixed contracts, someone who knows how to manage their time and demonstrates productivity, both at work and in personal activities, brings organization to the team of work. Constant learning. Having a self-taught staff, coupled with a company that seeks to develop new skills or offers updating opportunities, will make them more competitive in their field. This constant learning is necessary at this time, because digital knowledge is constantly being renewed. Assertive communication. Transmitting clear and respectful messages is the objective of this type of communication which, in a company, promotes the consolidation of an optimal work environment, which leads to greater productivity and the achievement of set objectives. Direction. Inspiring your team and making contributions based on your career path is one way to motivate your employees. In today’s environment, the reach of a leader knows no boundaries, as virtual work teams require people who can achieve goals despite the distance.

In the case of technical skills, HR departments emphasize training and experience geared towards the digital world, therefore the most valued skills are:

Digital transformation. Given the movement of sectors towards the digital world, professionals mastering the techniques and tools in this field will be the talents most valued by companies. Collecting skills such as software management, content creation, data analysis and science, and social media management are most in demand. Digital marketing. Understanding and knowing how to implement Internet marketing strategies, as well as the positioning of products and services, is one of the most popular characteristics today. Entrepreneurship and innovation. Bringing ideas that innovate into the work areas is a way to successfully enter a work area. Tech entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with problem solving, areas of interest to your business. English. Los idiomas aumentan el valor de tu equipo de trabajo, si bien lenguas como el chino, francs o espaol estn incrementando su participacin internacional en negocios, el idioma clave en el mercado sigue siendo el ingls, su dominio total abre puertas a la internacionalizacin de un project.

Meeting the challenge of digital transformation, as well as the demands of renewed labor markets which include the mastery of online skills, are among the challenges of this year and the search for a common well-being between employees and employers will be a tool. to achieve this.

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