Eight trends that will mark communication in 2021 … and they have a lot to do with people


Eight trends that will mark communication in 2021 … and they have a lot to do with people

2021 will be the key to adapt to digitization and to see how companies react to what society is going through at all times

BY RRHHDigital, 13:30 – 23 December 2020

The year 2020 has been an important turning point in the political, economic, technological and social fields. This year has become the year of the “ black swan ” for Covid-19, but also stands out for Black Lives Matter, for several weather disasters and for attending US elections which still keep much of the planet in breath . All of this accelerated existing business communication trends and spawned more that we never even imagined.

In this scenario, what can we expect from 2021? “Image004.jpg is never easy to predict and especially more difficult this year. Next year will be a challenge in capital letters in the face of a changing reality and hope with the arrival of vaccines, ”says Scar Snchez, founder of Tech Sales Comunicacin, who adds that“ if 2020 has transformed the reality of communication and corporate marketing, 2021 will be the key to adapt to innovation, to digitization and to see how companies react to what society is going through all the time ”. In this context, the press office proposes 8 trends that will mark communication and marketing in 2021:

Work to be fully digital: The pandemic has fueled a digital transformation already underway in most industries. Teleworking is now a permanent option for many employees, including journalists, and all internal and / or external communication campaigns must take this factor into account: the winning bet will be to bet only on digital or on a hybrid in making this the heaviest option. Live streaming will be a new maximum in communication: 2020 has brought new communication tactics, driven by the use of video streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube itself and its live broadcasts. For this reason, 2021 will surely bring us many ideas and new platforms for communication with clients and even with employees or journalists themselves. One trend, which will more than likely be, will be the integration of live digital events, podcasting and real-time chats. The future of events will be in hybrid experiences that attract attendees and attendees both physical and virtual. The stakes are rising for employee engagement: Internal communications will meet the challenge of employee engagement, with a focus on mental health and well-being, team building and creativity. Demand new technological tools, as well as unprecedented strategic commitment from business communication professionals. Long live press releases: The press release has always been an effective and very beneficial communication tool for companies who decide to use this channel to publicize their position, project, service or new product. Now more than ever, press releases are gaining traction and surviving as a key part of any communications plan. Although in a changing media scenario it is difficult to know what to communicate, but industry professionals can advise companies on which messages to launch and how to reach consumers with information of interest at this point. “This basic tool will continue to be one of the most effective channels to reach journalists, bloggers and influencers. However, the priorities have changed. The paper supports have less and less power and the digital supports gain visibility ”, affirms the founder of Tech Sales Comunicacin. The emphasis on communicating values, not just messages: this is not something new, but all the evidence points to brands being forced to align their communication and marketing with their corporate values. In 2020, most of the established norms have been broken and the way we have different views on culture, politics and even the nature of objective facts. “The loss of trust in institutions means that businesses will play a more important role than ever in expressing company and brand values,” says Scar Sanchez. New social platforms are fueling the culture of “ influencers ”: who would have thought a year ago that Jordi Koalitic would reach 18 million subscribers on TikTok? In fact, anyone who follows “influencer” culture closely probably should have. The growth rate of these “influencers” had accelerated even before the pandemic, but the lockdown has further increased the use of social media. It’s a safe bet that the trend will continue and that new names will appear on the scene in 2021. Brands that combine their communication with emerging “influencers” will benefit from new audiences. Innovation remains the queen of all trends: it has never left us. Big ideas that grab media attention connect the virtual and the physical, engage customers and employees, and take a heavy toll on marketing department budgets. Innovation and creativity will be more important than ever in a world where attention is fractured and fragmented. The soul and passion face to face as the engine of relationships. With devastating commercial, social and health effects, it is time to rediscover human passion in relationships of all kinds. “Face-to-face human contact” in the form of a smile, presence, human warmth, must recover some of the cooling of communications which has led us to digitization. The magic and personality of each of us must be manifested in the best version of behavior and face-to-face communication to regain the radiance of human relationships and contribute to strengthening the human character as we are.

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