“Either you kill me or I kill you” “

Posted: Monday 23 November 2020 17:04

During the trial of the Barcelona attacks in 2017, it is today the turn of the Mossos d’Esquadra agents who killed five terrorists in Cambrils to testify. The officers explained to the court how the moment was, the maximum stress they suffered and the consequences that remained.

“I realize that a vehicle is coming at high speed. It is accelerating at full speed towards us with the intention of crushing us. I try to alert the companion and I threw myself, falling to the ground. The companion has was run over. I didn’t know what his condition was. I saw how the car overturned, “one of the mossos explained during the trial.

Then, as he recounted, people wearing vests attached to the body started to leave the vehicle. “They looked like full-fledged bomb vests,” he recalls. One of the men approached the officer running “with an ax in his hand, shouting Allahu Akabar”.

At that point, as the officer had one of the attackers a few yards away, he shot, “I had a feeling his gaze was saying, ‘Either you kill me or I kill you. His eyes said, “I don’t care if I die.” I kill before ‘”.

“When he falls, I see three other people rushing towards my position, intending to attack me.” Within seconds he had them on top, opened fire on them and shot them down, he counted.

“I was in a state of shock. I heard screams. A bloodied person asking for help for his wife. I realize my partner with a bloody face,” added the mosso. In addition, the officer declared during the trial that the chosen location, the promenade of Cambrils, was “to do the maximum damage”.

Serious consequences

The shock felt at the time of the attack is compounded by severe post-traumatic stress after what happened and a series of after-effects that prevent him from identifying himself or sleeping well.

“I have suffered from several episodes of depression, I try to isolate myself from everything. I have trouble sleeping, I take medication, I have a constant hyper alert every time I go out, ”the agent said in the trial.

He feels, he says, “the fear and the insecurity” that someone will recognize him and may suffer a stroke again. He also has “a very strong sense of guilt about how this affects my family.”

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