El Chapo Drugs Rape With Minors Tunnels Know Story of the World’s Drug Trafficker: Drug trade, Girls Drugs, Tunnels … Learn the story of the world’s most powerful mafia, Al Chapo

The most powerful drug dealer in the world, Al Chapo, is languishing again in American jail. El Chapo’s 31-year-old wife and former beauty queen Emma Coronel Aispurso has been arrested in the United States. Emma has been charged with many serious charges. El Chapo, a drug trafficker, was born to a very poor family in the province of Sinaloa, in northwestern Mexico. Al Chapo’s organized crime business had grown so much by one point that in 2009 Forbes magazine named him 701st richest person in the world. According to Forbes, Al Chapo had assets of around $ 1 billion. Al Chapo was intoxicated by women and described the rape of girls as vitamins for themselves. Let’s know the whole story of Al Chapo’s cruelty …

5ft 6in Al Chapo became the leader of the Sinaloa cartel

Al Chapo, who spent his childhood in poverty in Sinaloa, suffered physical torture at the hands of his father, and it was because of his father that Al Chapo got involved in drug trafficking. Due to his height of only 5 feet 6 inches, he became Al Chapo. His full name is Joaquin Al Chapo Gajman. He was born in 1957. As a child, Al Chapo began helping his father grow hemp. Al Chapo then started working with the booming Mexican drug lord Hector Luis Palma Salazar and it changed his fortune. He helped Salazar pave the way for the drugs to be sent to the United States from Sinalova. In 1988, Al Chapo built his own cartel and didn’t look back. He later became the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, which allegedly smuggled the most intoxicating substances such as cocaine, cannabis, heroin, etc. in the USA. Its network extends to Europe. These two countries are the biggest consumers of narcotics. Al Chapo has been incarcerated in the United States since 2017.

Mexican drug lord ‘Al Chapo’ is the evil king of the tunnels

The world’s most wanted drug kingpin “Al Chapo” – Joaquin Gujman – laid such a network of tunnels that America continued to monitor. This 5ft 6in man is one of the most powerful drug lords in the world. The leader of the Sinaloa cartel supplies the most drugs in America. A specialty of chapo is the use of tunnels. For more than four decades, he drove drugs through the tunnels at the border. Every time he’s caught, he goes through the tunnel. In 2001, Chapo gave money to 78 people and escaped by building a tunnel in the prison. After being caught, in July 2015, Chapo dug a mile-long tunnel from the shower to his cell and one day escaped. Al Chapo was pulled out of the tunnel using a specially designed motorcycle. If it is said that someone has gained the most benefit from the tunnels in history, then Chapo’s name will definitely be at the top of this list.

23 children of Al Chapo, drunkenness of women, BB beauty queen

Drug lord Al Chapo was addicted to women and admitted it himself in an interview. When we asked Al Chapo what you love most … what are you addicted to … Al Chapo replied: “Nothing … I’m just a habit of women.” Al Chapo would have celebrated 4 weddings. Her first marriage dates back to 1977. In 2017, she married beauty queen Emma Coronel. Emma Coronel Aisapuro, 31, was arrested at Dallas Airport, near Washington DC, United States. El Chapo’s wife has been accused of conspiring to distribute various drugs, including cocaine and heroin. Coronel was also accused of helping her husband out of prison in 2015 on top of drug trafficking charges. El Chapo was being held in Mexico’s most closely guarded prison.

Al Chapo raped underage girls as a “ vitamin ”

Some of the black acts of drug mafia Joaquin El Chapo Gazman include rape with underage girls. According to his partner, Alex Sifuentis, who has long been associated with El Chapo, he raped many underage girls even while in hiding and called them his ‘vitamins’ that give him life. According to Alex, a woman named “Comrade Maria” was in regular contact with El Chapo. She sent pictures of the underage girls to the drug mafia and asked them to choose one of them. Al Chapo used to pay around 3 lakh rupees (per girl) to bring these girls to their secret hiding place in the hills. According to Syfuentis, Gajman used to call these underage girls his “Vitmin” and said he only made a living by raping them. The witness also confessed that he, too, sometimes had physical relations with underage girls.

President of Mexico arrived to meet Al Chapo’s mother

El Chapo’s strength is measured by the fact that the President of Mexico, Adrez Manuel López, visited the drug trafficker’s mother even after the sanctions of the corona virus outbreak. This too when the Mexican Minister of Health asked 130 million citizens of the country to stay at home so that the corona virus does not spread. Even before the 24-hour order was completed, President Oberraider traveled to Badiraguato, the hometown of gangster El Chapo, ignoring the suggestion. Controversy escalated when a video surfaced in which President Al Chapo’s mother Maria was seen shaking hands. She was sitting in the car. The president listened saying you stay inside, I will meet you later. In this video, Jose Luis, a representative of Al Chapo’s family, was also seen with his hands on the president’s shoulder.

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