el chapo emma coronel: El Chapo’s wife gave herself in: El Chapo’s wife arrested

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A few days ago, Emma Coronel Icepuro, the wife of Mexico’s famous drug mafia El Chapo Gazman, was arrested in Washington DC. It is now believed that Emma has surrendered to the police and can help the police break down Walkin ‘El Chapo’. Emma is suspected of drug trafficking in the United States. At the same time, El Chapo is currently serving a life sentence in New York City for drug trafficking and money laundering.

Is the deal done?
In Vice’s report, sources claimed that Emma had submitted to the police. He knew that action would be taken against him once he arrived in Washington. The source told media that Coronel’s surrender may indicate a cooperation deal. He may have agreed to give information or testify instead of being indulgent towards her.

Arrested in America, wife of imprisoned Mexican drug mafia El Chapo
Many allegations have been made
The US Department of Justice said El Chapo’s wife Coronel would be brought before federal court via video conference. Coronel was also accused of helping her husband get out of prison in 2015 on top of drug trafficking charges. El Chapo was being held in Mexico’s most closely guarded prison.

Ex-partner revealed, drug mafia El Chapo raped underage girls as ‘vitamins’
Who is El Chapo?
El Chapo is the former chairman of the Sinaloa cartel, believed to be the largest drug dealer in the United States. During El Chapo’s hearing in 2019, there were many chilling revelations. This includes drug donation and rape of children and the murder of former cartel members.

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