Elcowork, the unique and pioneering coworking of Oasiz Madrid

Oasiz Madrid, el ambicioso proyecto de Compañía de Phalsbourg, contará con un innovador espacio de trabajo, realizado de la mano de la consultora CustomSuits y de la engineering B + R: Elcowork, un nuevo concepto flexible y con charácter internacional that redefinirá la forma de to work. This coworking space will have 2,500 m2 and will be integrated into Oasiz Madrid, the new space designed as a destination that goes far beyond what has been seen so far in the retail sector.

Elcowork meets Oasiz Madrid’s definition: “a place where anything is possible”. Here, work and life come together in every way. So, once the working day is over, you can disconnect, enjoy and relax in one place without having to move, thanks to the endless range of leisure, culture, services, shopping and relaxation at Oasiz Madrid. .

The coworking space will be unique and pioneering in Spain, not only for its services and for offering the most innovative technology, but because it will be a meeting point open to all types of professionals and national and international companies. .

Likewise, Elcowork will have an outdoor workspace and a MICE space dedicated exclusively to the development of events for companies.

Adapted and prepared for the new way of working that has been put in place as a result of the pandemic, this new workspace is designed so that its impact on the environment is minimal, by using, among other things, sources of renewable energy and sustainable elements. Air, water and vegetation combine with the most advanced architecture to create a flexible and inspiring workplace, perfectly capable of hosting conferences as well.

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