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Updated: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 9:33 PM

Published on: 05/04/2021 18:39

Check out the last hour and the result of the elections to the Community of Madrid on May 4 in the city of Aranjuez. Below you can consult the participation data and the percentage of votes obtained by each political party in this city of Madrid.

For the moment, the vote is still going on in the polling stations in Madrid. At 8:00 p.m., the tables will be closed, when the official control of the elections in Madrid will begin and we will start to know the results.

With 1.45% of the votes counted, the PP wins with 38.34% of the votes; followed by PSOE (26.68%), Vox (9.59%), Unidas Podemos (9.07%), Más Madrid (9.07%) and Cs (3.89%).

In the charts on this page you will be able to check the voting data in Aranjuez, updated for the moment as the turnout figures and voting percentages of the different parties are made public.

2019: results of the Community of Madrid elections in Aranjuez

The last elections to form the government of the Community of Madrid took place on May 26, 2019, alongside the European Parliament elections and the regional and local elections of 11 other autonomous communities. On this occasion, the most voted party in Aranjuez was the PSOE, which, with the candidacy of Angel Gabilondo, obtained 7,754 votes (30.11% of the support).

The PP was the second most voted political force by residents, obtaining 5,348 supporters in the locality (20.77% of the vote). Ciudadanos was in second place with 4,410 votes (17.13%), followed by Más Madrid, who obtained 3,472 votes (13.48%). Vox received 2,851 votes (11.07%) and United We Can 1,408 votes (5.47% support).

In the general calculation of the Community of Madrid in 2019, the PSOE was the formation that obtained the most seats, with 37, but it did not serve the Socialists to invest Ángel Gabilondo as president. Although she got 7 seats less, Isabel Díaz Ayuso managed to be sworn in as president thanks to the sum of her 30 seats, plus 26 for Ciudadanos and 12 for Vox. The Orange Party became part of the Ayuso government with Ignacio Aguado as vice president of Madrid, while Rocío Monasterio’s candidacy simply voted in favor of this coalition government.

The rest of the Assembly was made up of two more progressive options: Más Madrid, led by Íñigo Errejón, managed to outdo Unidos Podemos on his arrival at the Madrid chamber, securing 20 MPs. Isa Serra’s violet has seen its representation decrease compared to the previous elections: from 27 seats, they went to occupy only 7 seats in the Madrid Assembly.

Results of the elections of the Community of Madrid, live

Follow all the news of the elections in Madrid on The website will follow the last hour of the elections, minute by minute, showing turnout data, percentage of vote and the final result of the regional elections in Aranjuez and the rest of the municipalities of the Community of Madrid.

In addition, viewers will be able to enjoy the special programming where the laSexta team, led by Antonio García Ferreras, will tell live the results and reactions of the protagonists of the elections in Madrid so that you do not miss the details of a historic day. .

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