Election results in Arganda del Rey

Updated: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 10:20 PM

Published on: 05/04/2021 18:46

With a ballot of 47.62% of the vote, the Popular Party is the most voted in the municipality of Arganda del Rey with 45.85% of the vote. After him, it is the PSOE, with 17.5% and Más Madrid with 14%. In fourth place are Vox, with 10.93%, and Unidas Podemos, with 7.11%. The citizens, in sixth place, do not exceed 3%. More precisely, the orange formation holds 2.77% of the votes.

Consult the results of the elections to the Community of Madrid on May 4: all the data on the participation, the votes and the seats obtained by each party and the number of deputies per formation in the Assembly. In this same article, you can also consult the data of the elections and the main political groups of the municipality of Arganda del Rey. On this same page, through the graphs, you can access in real time all the data updated on election day.

2019: results of the Community of Madrid elections in Arganda del Rey

The last elections to the Community of Madrid took place on May 26, 2019. On these dates, regional elections were also held in 11 other Spanish communities, in municipal councils and in the European Parliament.

In the municipality of Arganda del Rey, turnout reached 64.79%, with the PSOE being the most voted party with 31.86%. Behind stood the PP, with 20.95% of the vote, and Ciudadanos, which collected 16.33% of the total counted. In fourth place, Más Madrid, with 12.35% of the votes of Arganda del Rey. Behind were Vox (10.21%) and Unidas Podemos (5.15%).

In the overall result of the Community of Madrid, the PSOE won Ángel Gabilondo with 27% of the vote and 37 deputies in the Madrid Assembly. For its part, Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s PP obtained second place in the Assembly, with 30 seats and 22% of the votes counted.

The next most voted forces at the regional level were Ciudadanos, with Ignacio Aguado, who won 26 seats and Más Madrid, with Íñigo Errejón at the helm, reaching 20 deputies in the Madrid Assembly. Vox reached 7 seats and Unidos Podemos Izquierda Unida Madrid en Pie, they got 7 more seats.

However, Ángel Gabilondo’s victory did not give the community government to the Madrid PSOE by not garnering enough support for the nomination to continue. It is the PP which, with the support of Ciudadanos and Vox, succeeded in investing Isabel Díaz Ayuso as president of the Community of Madrid with a total of 68 votes on August 14, 2019. The PSOE, Más País and Podemos voted against the candidate.

View the results of the May 4 regional elections live

You can consult the result of the Madrid election minute by minute on Here you can also know all the most important data and events of the election day, such as the turnout figures and the reactions of the protagonists.

Coverage of the elections, carried out by the special programming of laSexta, with Antonio García Ferreras at the helm, which offers you all the information on the elections of the Community of Madrid: the results, the reactions of the protagonists and all the questions related to the elections of Madrid 2021.

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