Election Results in the United States Swing States: Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia

Five states can play an important role in deciding who the next president of the United States will be. These states are Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada. Although officials of many states are engaged in tallying each vote, despite opposition from the Republican camp, these five states are such that they can prove to be decisive in the election of the 46th president of the country. Trump supporters, especially in Arizona and Pennsylvania, have caused a huge uproar.

Poll officials worry about security

Right now everyone is watching Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. If Biden wins any of those states, he can advance to the White House race. The situation has become so serious with regard to the counting of the votes that there has been a concern for the safety of polling officers. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said protesters are obstructing the count. Protesters also clashed with Nevada Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria. He says that after that, his family is mad at him.


Arizona state officials say about 2.5 lakh votes have yet to be counted. According to Associated Press and Fox News, Biden won here. At the same time, according to the New York Times (NYT), Biden led by 45,000 votes. All eyes are now on Maricopa County where the results will be announced shortly. If Biden wins Arizona, he will also win the presidency.


Georgia has seen a huge increase in postal ballots. According to the NYT, Donald Trump leads with just over 1,700 votes. Georgia’s secretary of state’s office told the AP that 18,936 mail-in ballots are counted in seven counties. The Republican grip here is being loosened by Atlanta’s growing young population and young electorate. Georgian officials say the votes of US military officers stationed abroad should be counted.


At the same time, the growth of assets in Pennsylvania is declining. He had secured a huge lead in the first round, but now Biden is behind him by 22,000 votes. Postal votes have not yet been counted. Biden and the Democrats are again trying to win over Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to create the “blue wall”. Trump won all three seats in 2016. Officials say 1,700 ballets have yet to be counted.

North Carolina

The election results were reportedly announced in North Carolina last. In fact, here is the time until November 12 to count postal ballets which have a Tuesday stamp. Trump has a better chance of winning here, but there is a 5% vote tally, i.e. a 1.1 lakh ballot and a provisional postal vote and Biden is unlikely to win.


Biden leads in Nevada but Trump has only 11,000 votes behind him. The 1.9 lakh ballots have not yet been counted. In such a situation, the possibility that the strengths may exceed cannot be excluded. In Nevada, they will be counted when the postal ballet, postmarked on Tuesday, arrives on November 12. Trump supporters in Clark County, Nevada have accused voters of forgery.

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