Election results in Tres Cantos

Updated: Thursday, May 6, 2021 5:01 AM

Published on: 04.05.2021 18:40

With 48.15% of the votes counted, the Popular Party is the most voted in the municipality of Tres Cantos with 42.12% of the votes. They are followed by Más Madrid, the leading force on the left, with 18.88%, followed closely by PSOE, with 17.33%. In fourth position, there is also another force on the left, in this case United We Can, which gets 7.47% of the vote. Vox is fifth with 7.18% and Ciudadanos sixth with 5.38%.

Consult the results of the elections to the Community of Madrid on May 4: data on participation, votes and seats obtained by each party and the number of deputies per formation in the Assembly of Madrid. All key data relating to the elections and the main political groups in the municipality of Tres Cantos.

You can consult the results of the votes in the Madrid municipality of Tres Cantos in the following graphs. They will be updated in real time as the exam progresses.

2019: results of the Community of Madrid elections in Tres Cantos

The last elections to the Community of Madrid were held on May 26, 2019. On that same date, regional elections were also held in eleven other Spanish communities, the Town Halls and the European Parliament.

In the municipality of Tres Cantos, the turnout reached 76.93% and the party with the most votes was the PSOE, obtaining 26.14% of the votes in the city. Behind were Ciudadanos, with 23.27% of the vote, and the PP, which collected 21.71% of the total counted. In fourth place, Más Madrid, with 13.67% of the votes of Tres Cantos. Behind were Vox (7.87%) and Unidas Podemos (5.62%).

The result of the 2019 elections at the regional level gave victory to the PSOE of Ángel Gabilondo, which obtained 27% of the votes and 37 deputies in the Assembly. For its part, the PP of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, received the support of nearly 6,000 inhabitants of Tres Cantos, ranking second in the Assembly, with 30 seats and 22% of the vote.

The next most voted forces in the community were Ciudadanos with 26 seats and Más Madrid with 20 deputies in the Madrid Assembly. Vox and Unidas Podemos Izquierda Unida Madrid en Pie got 7 seats each.

However, despite being the winner, Ángel Gabilondo failed to rule in the Community of Madrid. It is the PP which, with the support of Ciudadanos and Vox, succeeded in investing Isabel Díaz Ayuso as president of the Community of Madrid with a total of 68 votes in favor, one above the absolute majority, and with the vote against the PSOE, More Country and we can.

Results of the regional elections of May 4, live

Once again, laSexta turns into a historic election day. All LaSexta’s passion for election nights, put at the service of elections that will have great relevance both on the political scene in Madrid and nationally.

Data and percentages of participation and voting and the reactions of the main protagonists of the day on laSexta and on, where, in addition, you will be able to consult, minute by minute, the last hour of the elections in Madrid.

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