Electronic travel visas: find out all the keys

Traveling abroad to get to know another country, another culture or for professional reasons is something that most people have done on occasion. It allows us to broaden our view of the world and open our minds to opportunities and lifestyles that we have previously only seen on television.

But before traveling abroad, whether for tourism or business reasons, it is important to know that there are certain steps that any traveler must take to enter a country. This is not something that happens when you go to countries of the European Union, where there is free movement of people across borders from one country to another, but it does happen to travel to other countries.

Travel visas: the most important document

Travel visas are essential to enter many countries, such as the United States, Canada or India. At present, these visas generally have an electronic format which avoids having to go through the formalities in person at consular offices. On the Internet we can find websites such as where they help travelers in the process of applying for electronic travel visas in order to avoid any type of incident or error that could harm the traveler.

Most of the countries in the world have introduced this electronic visa system and it is generally available for almost any country you want to visit, although it depends on your nationality, you will need to perform other additional procedures or not. The passes serve a dual purpose when introducing these electronic travel visas as a requirement for travelers, such as:

Attract more tourists

The tedious administrative procedures imposed on tourists until recently in some countries constituted a very important obstacle for tourism. Many countries stopped bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars until they switched to electronic travel visas for tourists. And it is that many tourists were sent back before checking the amount of documents they needed to enter a certain country. It is now easier to travel to most countries and this has encouraged international tourism.

Simplify the process

The other goal of creating electronic travel visas is to make the visa process simpler and more efficient. Before, you had to go to the embassy of the country of destination to carry out the procedure in person, where they had to stamp the passport and issue the authorization to enter the country as a tourist. All you have to do is apply for a travel visa online and receive the confirmation and the document by email.

How does the electronic travel visa process work?

To get an electronic travel visa to travel to a certain country, you need to follow the web-based procedure that countries make available to tourists and travelers. These types of sites are intuitive and are usually in English, although in some countries we may find instructions in Spanish as well.

To start the electronic travel visa process, we must fill out the document or application with all the personal data required by the country, have a valid valid passport in force, an operational e-mail and a credit or debit card with which pay the fees for obtaining the travel visa.

Typically, these types of requests are completed quickly and in just 5 minutes. The response from the destination country can take 1-7 days in most cases and you will receive authorization by email in most cases; or a refusal if data has not been entered correctly or if you have skipped a step.

The electronic travel visa received by email remains valid upon issuance. It is normally granted for terms ranging from 30 days to 180 days, although there are countries which extend the period of validity up to one year. All you need to do is find the visa information you need to get to your next destination and complete the process to be able to enjoy your next vacation abroad.

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