Elena Jurez, appointed Chief People Officer of Sanitas and Bupa Europe and Latin America

Elena Jurez, appointed Chief People Officer of Sanitas and Bupa Europe and Latin America

Jurez assumes responsibility for personnel management at Sanitas, which has over 11,000 employees in Spain, and the market unit for Europe and Latin America, with a total of just over 30,000 employees.

BY RRHHDigital, 10:55 am – November 16, 2020

Elena Jurez will be the new ChiefPeopleOfficer of Sanitas and BupaEurope & LatinAmerica. This appointment is part of the changes following the appointment of Iaki Ereo as the new CEO of the Bupa group, and Iaki Peralta as her replacement at the head of Sanitas and the market unit she heads.

Jurez will manage the personnel of Sanitas, which has more than 11,000 employees, and the Europe and Latin America market unit, in which more than 30,000 people work.

After holding various management positions in the company, first as Director of Development and Health Care Quality at Sanitas Seguros, then as Director of Operations and Quality at Sanitas Hospitales, she has joined in 2008 the team of the Regional Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid as Director General of Patient Care. Here he had direct responsibility for the implementation of free choice of doctor and hospital, coordinated the quality model of the public health system and the health risk plan, worked on reducing waiting lists and promoted sustainability and environmental quality plans, in addition to improving information and communication on health services.

Since returning to Sanitas in 2014, Elena Jurez has held the position of Director of the Center for Customer Relationships at Sanitas Seguros, a center that the company has internalized and which has a team of 300 people, serves more than 15,000 customers on a daily basis and achieved an improvement in the NPS – an index for measuring customer satisfaction – from more than 30 pp to 52% in 2020.

From his post, Jurez has promoted people management as one of the axes to make a qualitative leap in customer service. He also led a cultural change that enabled the incorporation of online service to clients. When managing the pandemic, Elena Jurez rose to the challenge of maintaining very high levels of care despite the increase in activity and the confinement measures for employees, who were going to carry out their care activity overnight. and in-home customer support with a well above average call rate, combined with the technical challenge of taking over remote work in record time.

Jurez holds a degree and a doctorate in biology from the University of Alcal de Henares, an MBA from the IESE business school and a Masters in management and methodology of quality of care from the AvedisDonabedian Foundation. The Board of Directors will report to the new CEO of Sanitas, Iaki Peralta, effective January 1, 2021.

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