Elephant trunk inhales water speed: Elephants pull water from trunk at faster rate than Japanese bullet train, great research reveals

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Researchers found that elephants drink water at a speed of 540 kilometers per hour, the speed of drinking elephant water from the trunk is higher than that of the high-speed train operating in Japan.
Often times when we see an elephant drinking water with its trunk, the question arises in our mind as to how the water is flowing so quickly. The answer to this question has now been found. Researchers have found that elephants draw water at a speed of 540 kilometers per hour. The speed of the elephant pulling water is higher than that of the high-speed train in Japan, which travels at a speed of 320 km / h.

Recent research has shown that elephants can increase their trunk width by about 64 percent. For this, the elephants pull their nostrils. The trunk of an elephant weighs about 100 kg. Even after being so heavy, the trunk works from collecting food to drinking water. Sometimes elephants blow so hard with their trunk that even things that are not within reach reach them.

The elephant draws 4 liters of water in just 1.5 seconds
Researchers have found that elephants use their trunk as a personal vacuum cleaner. Thanks to this, elephants find good food, draw water and release it on themselves, said researcher Andrew Schulz of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Researchers recorded the experiences of a 34-year-old African elephant at an Atlanta zoo using three video cameras.

During this time, he discovered the speed of an elephant pulling water from an aquarium. During this time, the elephant drew four liters of water in just 1.5 seconds. An elephant’s trunk has the capacity to eat small things at a time. Researcher Andrew has found that elephants can hold more water indoors than expected. The researchers said that elephant technology can be used to make better robots in the future.

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