elon musk: elon musk Tweet on Moon Mission or Bitcoin: elon musk goes to the moon or talks about bitcoin

Strong points:

Elon Musk tweeted: Announcing the next Hauntet by tying the value of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency to a huge $ 1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin by Washington last month.
Elon Musk, who dreams of setting up a colony on Mars, has made a major overhaul in his space mission. Tesla CEO and SpaceX boss Musk have announced that they now plan to arrive on the moon earlier than on Mars. However, his announcement has been described by experts as being related to bitcoin. Elon Musk had invested a whopping $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin last month. After which, he tweeted that his company Tesla’s cars can now be bought at Bitcoin. This tweet saw a huge increase in the value of bitcoin.

Public interest generated by an incomplete tweet
Elon Musk posted an incomplete tweet on Saturday night that “ … is going to the moon very soon. ” This seems quite normal, as people who use crypto may also know that it is in fact part of an original sentence. Bitcoin miners and cryptocurrency nerds often use this phrase when talking about cryptocurrency prices and prices.

Did not tweet about Bitcoin
Musk’s tweet can also be interpreted to mean that he’s not talking about bringing bitcoin prices to the moon. Bitcoin prices have risen steadily since March, according to Business Insider, reaching their all-time high on Saturday. The value of this cryptocurrency was $ 59,604.06 on the Bitstamp exchange at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday. Over the past year, the price of bitcoin has increased 700%.

Elon Musk’s incredible progress
Forbes magazine recently published the annual list of the richest people in the world. According to this list, Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk is the second richest man in the world with assets of $ 151 billion. Elon Musk’s wealth has risen sharply over the past year. Elon Musk was No. 31 on the Forbes Billionsiers 2020 list with a net worth of $ 24.6 billion. At the same time, Musk reached number two on the Billions 2021 list.

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