Elon Musk Nasa: Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos on NASA Moon Mission Contract: Elan Musk and Jeff Bezos face to face on mission to the Moon

Two of the richest people in the world, Tesla owner Elon Musk and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, come face to face. This time it is not about the earth but about space. In fact, Musk’s SpaceX company was awarded a $ 3 billion contract by US space agency NASA. These two great personalities of the business world have come up against this. These companies launch satellites into orbit for low-cost customers and reuse parts of the rocket.

What was the problem?

The two billionaires are trying to launch rockets into orbit at long range. The two competed for US government contracts. By virtue of this, in 2024 the spacecraft was to be designed for the Artemis mission to take astronauts to the moon. This contract was passed on to the Musk company, which Bezos did not accept. Bezos’ company Blue Origin lodged a protest against NASA with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on Monday, alleging that the terms of the auction were eventually changed on the spot.

Musk took a pinch

About the news, Musk joked, “ I couldn’t take the LOL course. ” He didn’t write anything more, but shared a screenshot of a 2019 report unveiling Bezos’ Blue Origin Moon Lander. Blue Origin is behind SpaceX and United Launch Alliance (Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp.) in orbital transport. He also lost a multibillion-dollar US national security launch contract.

Blue Origin complained

NASA gave the contract for the lunar mission to SpaceX and Blue Origin must have seen defeat with Dynetics. Blue Origin said in a statement that NASA improperly acquired the Na Humman landing system and ultimately changed the target on the spot. It was alleged that this decision ceased to be a place of competition and reduced the supply base. At the same time, the dream of going to the moon in America created delays and difficulties. That is why we are opposed to it.

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