elon musk: now elon musk will get rid of the electricity problem of the world, by making such a battery that will light up 20 thousand houses

Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, is building a giant battery to help America recover from the energy crisis. The battery will be plugged into the Texas power grid. Thanks to this, at least 20 thousand houses can be supplied with electricity at the time of the problem. In fact, Elon Musk also suffered from the severe electrical crisis in Texas, United States last month. Without electricity for several days, he had to spend the night in his car. After which, he took responsibility for saving America from any future energy crisis through technology.

Tesla develops battery energy storage project

As reported by Bloomberg, Tesla’s Gambit Energy Storage subsidiary is developing a battery energy storage project in Bresoria County, Texas. The company also manufactures batteries for Tesca’s electric cars. The system has also been registered with the Texas State Power Grid Operator Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). ERCOT ordered this company to start this project commercially before June 1, 2021. Initially, 100 MW of electricity will be stored thanks to this project. It is said that such electricity is sufficient to light about 20,000 homes in Texas in the summer.

Provide electricity to 20,000 homes during the blackout

This mega battery will be configured to charge directly from the state power grid. Whenever there is electricity, this battery will be charged automatically. This battery will be added for recharging whenever the electricity prices are cheaper. After that, whenever the power supply in Texas is reduced, the energy will be delivered directly to homes. Local officials said it could help bring the local battery power system online so that electric generators can be brought in during a power outage or natural disaster.

Many Tesla technicians work in Angleton

The Angleton project, about 40 miles from Houston, was originally proposed by Plus Power. However, this company entrusted this project to a secret buyer. There are around 3000 people living in the city of Anglon. Power Plus and City of Angleton employees met in January 2020 to discuss the tank farm. Including Tesla officials who had symbolic photographs of what the site would look like after development. Bloomberg also reported that a Tesla logo was visible on the site during construction. However, Tesla has yet to make any official statement regarding this project.

The battery will be connected to the grid via the Angleton power plant

The documents indicate that the project will be connected to the grid via an existing Angleton substation. Before that, reliable, safe and secure lithium-ion batteries will be used. Even after construction, the project will be unmanned and will be monitored remotely. It will also not cause harm to the environment. Officials said that through this project, not only future power outages can be addressed, but also cheaper and sustainable energy technologies can be developed.

Tesla is already running a battery project in Australia

Tesla already operates a battery project in South Australia. The project was launched in 2017. This site is stored when there is a surplus of electricity produced by the wind turbine. Encouraged by the success of this project, Tesla will now launch such a project in the United States as well.

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