Emergency landing of Air France flight: Indian passengers force Air France flight to make emergency landing in Bulgaria

An Air France plane traveling from Ghana to Paris via New Delhi was forced by a sprawling Indian passenger to make an emergency landing in the Bulgarian capital. As the plane landed at Sofia airport, local police took the Indian into custody. Now investigative agencies are questioning the accused Indian.

The accused was taken into custody for 72 hours
Bulgarian news agency BTA quoted Sofia City Prosecutor Ileana Kirilova on Saturday that the identity of the Indian national had not been disclosed. He said the accused was held in detention for 72 hours. He also said that after taking the accused into custody, the flight was diverted to New Delhi.

The accused can be sentenced to 5 to 10 years
Under Bulgarian law, if the accused Indian national is found guilty, he can be sentenced to five to ten years’ imprisonment. The Indian citizen received a lawyer and an interpreter on behalf of the court and was informed at the Indian Embassy in Bulgaria.

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