Emergency, political instability and corona crisis again in Malaysia after 52 years – Causes – Malaysian king declares state of emergency to fight virus

Kuala Lumpur
The King of Malaysia on Tuesday marked the emergency to prevent the spread of the corona virus infection. For this reason, the Malaysian Parliament will remain suspended until August. All attempts to hold general elections to remove Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasin from the post, which have met strong opposition since the declaration of the emergency, will be stopped.

First emergency in Malaysia since 1969
Previously, a state of emergency was declared in Malaysia in 1969, when hundreds of people died in race riots. The declaration of emergency of the King of Malaysia cannot be challenged in court. Earlier in October, King Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah refused Muhyiddin’s request to declare the emergency.

PM refused military coup
Muhyiddin assured the citizens of the country that this emergency in Malaysia is not a military coup and that the curfew will not be imposed. He said during the emergency that will continue until August 1, command will be in the hands of the civilian government. The decision to continue the emergency until August or earlier will be made depending on the circumstances. The emergency was declared suddenly.

Lockdown announced for two weeks
A day later, Malaysia’s largest city, Kuala Lumpur, the administrative capital Putrajaya, and the five most-at-risk cities will face millions facing a near-lockdown situation for two weeks. The development comes at a time when the United Malaysian National Organization, the largest party in the ruling coalition, has threatened to withdraw support for Muhayedin to hold general elections ahead of time.

Parliament and state legislatures will remain suspended
Muhyiddin said the country’s parliament and state assemblies would remain suspended and no elections would be allowed in an emergency. He said that to get relief from the epidemic, when he is sure to hold an election, he will hold a general election.

This expert said about the emergency
A senior researcher at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, Oh Ae Sun, said that most people currently understand the need for sanctions, but the emergency declaration seems too much because it is unclear how it will help prevent the spread of the virus. Aura He said it was a very clear political decision by Muhyiddin to thwart the political challenges of his rivals and the opposition within the ruling coalition.

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