Emergency rooms start to fill up with patients after falls

Updated: Monday, January 11, 2021 8:23 PM

Published on: 01.11.2021 20:19

“The alert situation is still in full force.” This is how energetic the Interior, Transport and Defense Ministers were during the appearance in which they reported on the effects of Storm Filomena. Now that the blanket of snow that has mainly covered much of the Community of Madrid and Castile-La Mancha is giving way to ice, the government is asking to take extreme precautions and not to leave the house if it does not. is not strictly necessary.

Margarita Robles, Minister of Defense, has warned that the emergency room at Gómez Ulla Hospital is filling up with people with trauma issues, due to falls while trying to travel on public roads. This situation, he stressed, is repeated in other hospitals in Madrid.

For this reason, Robles appealed: “As the cold increases, avoid traffic, not only vehicles but also pedestrians.” And in the same direction, expressed the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, who asked “to restrict mobility as much as possible, except in cases of extreme necessity”.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Director of the Interior, also insisted on the fact that “taking the car unnecessarily in these conditions can mean hitting an ice cap and compromising a road or access through which essential transport can no longer pass”. He also recalled the ban on parking vehicles on the shoulder, which is happening in the cities of Madrid and which “hinders the cleaning work”.

Robles asks to trust the military

In addition to this message of caution, Minister Robles expressed his concern for patients who require hospital treatment and who cannot get to the centers on their own. As Robles confirmed, the military is transferring 80 patients daily for dialysis, but there are still patients whose homes have not been possible to reach.

In this sense, he defended that the armed forces “have not stopped trying to open the way in the areas most influx”. For this reason, he explained, there are streets which have not yet been reached: “I understand that there are citizens who are concerned because there are small streets which cannot not be achieved, but don’t worry, that the EMU will continue to collaborate “.

Thus, he asked the citizens to “trust the UME, the army, because it will do whatever is necessary for what is required of us”.

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