Emmanuel Macron: Corona’s devastation in France and Emmanuel Macrons installed 5 crores of flowers in Rashtrapati Bhavan, creating an uproar

French President Emmanuel Macron is the target of opponents over his royal spending during the Corona period. He spent $ 729,000 (Rs 53,627,791) on flowers only at the French Presidential House सी Palais Lysée in 2020. In France, there is a row between Macron and the cost of Macron amid the devastation. Ordinary people, including opposition parties, also speak out against the alleged extravagance of macros on social media.

Macron spent more than the last two presidents
According to French political media that broke the news, Macron broke all his predecessors’ spending records. Before him, François Hollande, President of France, spent 162,000 dollars (11,917,287 Rs) in 2015 and Nicolas Sarkozy in 2011 for 174,000 dollars (128,00049 Rs).

Macron criticized for spending so much despite recession
After this news went viral, French President Emmanuel Macron is criticized on social networks. People say when the country is badly hit by the corona virus outbreak and the country is in severe economic recession. It is not appropriate for the President to spend so much money during this period. The French government recently released a $ 121 billion package to boost its Corona-hit economy.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who recovered from a Corona infection, was released from isolation 7 days later
The Élysée Palace is closed to ordinary people due to Corona
People are also angry because the Elysee Palace was closed to the general public due to the Corona virus outbreak last year. From there, all meetings were conducted by videoconference only. In such a situation, decorating the palace for some people with such a large amount of money is infuriating.

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Extortion allegations have already been made
This is not the first time that I have been accused of government extravagance. Even earlier in 2018, the satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaine claimed to have spent $ 607,000 (Rs 44,653,044) for the dishes at the Elysee Palace. However, the government then rejected the report, claiming that the price of the dishes was only $ 60,000 (Rs 4,413,810).

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