Emmanuel Macron g7: French President Emmanuel Macron asked the United States to lift the ban on the export of raw materials for the production of vaccines in India

At the G-7 summit in Britain, French President Emmanuel Macron focused on helping countries in need amid the corona virus outbreak. During it, he also questioned the export ban imposed by member countries. In fact, the United States had banned the manufacture in India of the raw material needed for the Oxford-AstraZeneca corona virus vaccine, which shocked vaccine production.

Macron said: “Many G7 member countries have imposed export restrictions, which has stopped production in other countries and in some places production in middle-income countries, which is important for the vaccine production for poor countries. I will give just one example: India. There are reports that it has called for the ban to be lifted so that the Serum Institute of India can manufacture vaccines for the people of India. India and other poor countries, especially Africa.

America Forbidden
The United States had banned the export of raw materials used in the Covishield coronavirus vaccine. India had called for it to be withdrawn, whereupon the US State Department spokesman said we would prioritize our citizens before responding to India’s request. At the same time, when America suffered the most from the Corona virus infection last year, India exported crores of hydroxychloroquine tablets at the behest of then-President Donald Trump.

America will not supply India with raw materials to make corona vaccine, ‘America First’ said
Promised vaccine doses
Instead of helping with vaccine production in India, the United States has promised to provide doses of the vaccine. President Joe Biden recently announced the sharing of 80 million doses with the world, of which 75 percent of the additional doses will be provided through the “Covax” initiative, which is being carried out in collaboration with the United Nations. India is also among the countries to which America is sending the vaccine. America to distribute 80 million doses of coronavirus vaccine worldwide, 75% of which to Covax: Joe Biden

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