Emmanuel Macron: Regional elections France 2021 Low participation Emmanuel Macron vs Marine Le Pen

Voting continues in France these days to elect local leaders. A large number of voters exercise their constitutional law everywhere in France. This election is seen as a repeat for next year’s presidential election. Indeed, Macron’s Larem party (La République En Marche!) Also presented its candidate in the municipal elections. Presidential elections will also be held in France next year. In such a situation, if Macron’s party does not achieve victory, it can be a red flag for them.

Main battle between Marine Le Pen and Macron
Macron’s great rival, Marine Le Pen’s far-right party, is confident it will be able to gain an advantage among voters with a message of strict security measures and deterrence of migrants. President Emmanuel Macron’s Young Centrist Party is expected to hurt in the first phase of Sunday’s regional elections as it faces a weak local base and public outrage over its handling of the pandemic.
12% voter turnout until noon
Voting began in schools and community centers from Marseille on the Mediterranean coast to La Tuque on the Channel coast, but many polling stations appeared empty. As of noon, only 12 percent voter turnout was recorded nationwide. The vote took place on Sunday for the 13 regional councils of France.

Emmanuel Macron’s party cut ticket after Muslim candidate wore hijab in French elections
This vote is a repeat for the presidential election
Local issues such as infrastructure, schools, etc. have been at the forefront of this election, but leaders see it as a platform to judge their strength in the presidential election to be held in April 2022. It is believed that in the next presidential election, the fight will be between Macron and Paine. The Marines have an advantage after their ultra-nationalist ideology and Muslim ties to recent terrorist attacks. President Macron’s position in rural areas of France is considered very weak. This is the reason why Macron also tries to present himself as a fighter of religious fundamentalism.

Terrorism, the diaspora and Islam are also key issues in the French election
The question of the increase in terrorist incidents in the country, radical Islam and migrants will also be obscured during the French presidential election. There have been protests around the world over Macron’s declaration against Islam. Most French people believe that terrorism and extremism in the country are directly linked to migrants. On this issue, Macron was attacked by opposition leader Marine Le Pen.

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