Emmanuel Macron slapped in the face during a walkabout in France: Emmanuel Macron slapped in the face

President Emmanuel Macron, who was on tour in the south of France, was slapped by a man in the crowd. Video of this incident also went viral on social media. In which Macron surrounded by security personnel is seen meeting people. Meanwhile, a man slapped the French president after shaking his hand. Security personnel who took action shortly after the incident grabbed the man and dragged him.

The French prime minister called this an insult to democracy
French media have confirmed that two people involved in the crime have been arrested. French Prime Minister Jean Castex called the incident an insult to democracy. The incident happened when Macron was traveling to the Drme region in south-eastern France. He visited restaurants and also met with students to learn about people’s lives after the devastation of Kovid-19.

What do you see in the video?
In a video that has gone viral on social networks, Emmanuel Macron, wearing a white shirt, goes to meet his supporters. After which, a person wearing a green t-shirt, goggles and a face mask standing through the iron barricades begins to shake their hands. As soon as President Macron turns his head, the man slaps him. After which the security personnel grabbed him.

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